March 21st, 2010

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7 Years On...

So, as of yesterday, it's now 7 years since they first invaded Iraq, as such there has been a lot of stuff about it on the internet recently.

I think this speech against the conflict by a veteran, sums up my views quite well

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Who Needs Banisters?

I generally like my flat, it's generally got everything I need.

However, today, I've found the biggest flaw with living here so far, which is that there really isn't any opportunity to have one of these:

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Fame is but a Fruit Tree

Once again, it's been a while since I've done one of these. The next CD on the pile is the 1994 compilation of the work of Nick Drake "Way to Blue". The collection was chosen by producer Joe Boyd, so presumably is fairly representative of Drake's work.

There is nothing better for a Sunday evening than a bit of melancholy folk, and Drake certainly delivers with this collection of dark and disturbing poetic melodies. The depression, which would finally lead to his early death, clearly comes across in his music.

Some of the guitar work is pretty amazing, especially on tracks such as Black Eyed Dog, and the drawn out vocals just add to the character of the tracks.

Highlights include "River Man" and "Fruit Tree", which clearly capture the mood underlying much of the vocals on the whole album, "Black Eyed Dog" with it's amazing guitar playing, and "Things Behind the Sun" which is one of the most poetic.

If you're not familiar with Drake's work, have a link to Black Eyed Dog (most of the other Tracks are available on too)

Although Drake wasn't hugely successful in his lifetime, it is clear why his music has become so influential.
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