March 3rd, 2010

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End Of Innovation At The BBC

It looks like it might be the end for BBC Radio 6Music, which is a shame given it's the only music station they've got that does anything a bit different or vaguely interesting. Where else can you switch on to hear someone playing a stalactite organ or something equally unusual?

OK, it's easy for me to criticise, given I don't have a TV license, so don't pay anything towards it, and it does seem a bit strange to have the majority paying for minority interest programming. However, surely part of the point of having the BBC is that it's not commercial, the license payers aren't customers, and it doesn't have to cater everything towards everyone?

With the work of the likes of John Peel, the BBC has a history of supporting innovation within modern music, and Radio 6 was a natural way to carry this forward into the modern era of millions of channels catering to all musical styles.

Alas, apparently this must now go as the BBC moves more towards Bland & Boring Commercialisation.
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Why Live For The Love Of Money? It Doesn't Love You Back.

This evening, I ventured over to see Michael Moore's latest offering "Capitalism: A Love Story". For those of you that haven't seen it, here's the trailer:

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As with all Moore's previous work, it's very emotive and he doesn't hold back on expressing his viewpoints, but as I share many of his views on commercialisation and global industry, I wasn't too worried about that. You have to respect someone who happily goes up to several of the major banks in America and tries to put the board of directors under citizens arrest.

It does bring up a number of valid points on the morals of foreclosure and the encouragement by the banks for people to release the equity on there property, dead peasants insurance and mass redundancy, amongst many other topics, as well as highlighting just how much power the banks and major corporations have within the US Democratic system.

The film is very America-centric, but still has a valid message this side of the pond. After all, we also suffer from the same issues of the power being placed almost entirely in the hands of the rich corporations who can lean on the major political parties to guide them to their own ends. However, as with the US we hold the power to change this, as the everyday people hold the vast majority of the votes and given the election around the corner perhaps it's even more apt?

OK, the first passed the post system is heavily biased towards the 2 main parties, but it would still be fairly straightforward to shift this power if enough people rebelled against them. Come the election, we could vote for more of the same in either red, blue or even yellow or we could do something different and forget the idea of voting for a prime minister or cabinet and use the system as it's designed voting for someone amongst the smaller parties who is likely to represent our views.

We need to send the message that we want policy decided from the bottom up from the people rather than top down through our twisted dictatorship style system of government whips with policies polished over and marketed to us by spin doctors regardless of whether they are in our own best interests. Only then can we get the changes necessary to ensure equality and return the power into the hands of the people.

It is unfortunate that the only party that seems to have recognised this need for representation in the people is the BNP, who are using this to push their own ends and get stronger though people arguing against their right to express themselves. Why not instead open up the field with the other minority parties and show the discontent that there are other alternatives to get their voices heard too? Show them that there is no need to fight against other groups, regardless of which criteria you are separated by, to have security of their way of life and to have their views and opinions heard.

We live in a system which is corrupt and wrong and the only way to end the dissatisfaction of the people is to change it dramatically and the power is in our hands to do so.
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