July 22nd, 2009

food, battenburg

Emptying the Milk out of the fridge

I've always been quite uncomfortable with the issue of breeding animals entirely for our own consumption (whether as food or consumables). It seems somewhat wrong to give an animal a life entirely so we can take it away again.

When I was younger I didn't really like most vegetables, so I didn't really have a lot of choice, but to just go along with things, but as I grew up and started trying and liking new foods it started to become more feasible. It was foot and mouth which really put the final nail in the coffin of my meat eating. I was really uncomfortable that our food industries took so much precidents over the lives and welfare of the livestock involved.

One morning 6 years ago, whilst putting my boots on it struck me that there was no particular reason why I had to strap a bit of dead cow onto my feet everyday and it was a bit unfair that this cow's enter purpose in life was so that bits of it could become tied to my foot. I've been vegetarian ever since and I'm now so used to not eating meat I couldn't imagine doing it any more.

However, something that has caused me to remain uncomfortable is the fact I've continued to eat eggs and diary products, which still support the same industry as eating meat. OK, you don't have to kill a cow to source it's milk, but as soon as it stops being productive it will still get bundled off to the abattoir as it's not commercially viable to keep it alive.

I know quite a few vegans and there have been a few conversations with various people lately that are making me think that phasing these out of my diet may not be as hard as it originally seemed when I turned veggie.

In the end I was watching 11th hour last night, which got me thinking about my personal impact on the climate. OK, reducing this doesn't make a huge difference on the grand scheme of things, but it did get me thinking that currently, my electricity usage is fairly low, I don't drive and walk rather than using public transport where possible (after all I've grown these nice long legs, might as well make use of them), I don't eat meat, etc, etc. It then occured to me, that if I wanted to reduce my impact further the easiest way would be through cutting out dairy products.

OK, it's not exactly going to save the planet, but it's not really my main reason for doing it, it's just enough to get me to realise it's possible and worth trying.

I've got a fridge full of milk and cheese and stuff, so I'm going to use that up first and then see how I get on from there.