July 13th, 2009

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Anti-Social Knitting

So it appears there's a group of people willfully defacing public property via the deployment of knitting (via @Londonist).

Admittedly they appear to have taken it away afterwards and it is rather cool, but I'd like to think it would qualify under the anti-social behaviour act (in the same way as graffiti and flyposting do) as that would just be amusing.

I've now got images in my head of youths on street corners in their hoodies, shouting malicious abuse at passers by over the top of their knitting needles.
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The Best Laid Plans Of Mice And Rapper Dancers

So, last week Pete told me it was going to be his last practice this week, so I emailed everyone in the side to say we'd have a short practice go to the pub early and that it would be nice if people associated with the side who doesn't regularly come to practice met us there.

When I saw him in the evening at Ely, it turned out he was going to be able to make 2 practices, so I sent a quick email around to tell everyone it had been postponed by a week when I got back Sunday. However, it turns out it was his last practice tonight after all, but we didn't find out until the end of the evening, so we didn't finish early. Luckily dancin_dan and I had bought a card in Ely before during the day and it had made it's way to practice, so it could quickly go around everyone as we left for the pub.

Not quite as planned, but a brilliant example of organisation Thrales style.