June 15th, 2009

theatre, muppets

Romeo & Juliet at the Globe

On Friday, I wandered over to the Globe to see the Midnight Matinee of Romeo and Juliet.

It was generally a good production and I was particularly impressed with use of discordant music during the tragic ending.

However, it was let down somewhat by Romeo, who although he delivered all the lines clearly and was obviously a talented actor, lacked feeling. Given, he's a hormonal teenager who in the matter of days meets someone, falls in love, marries, loses a friend, gets banished and finally thinks he loses his love to the extent that he is willing kill himself and others, he really should be quite emotional. Instead he was portrayed as quite calm and collected most of the time, which was just a bit odd.

Juliet was better, and you did get some of the angst against her parents and the general confusion in her head over the whole Tybalt/Romeo thing.

Mercutio and Benvolio were wonderfully laddish and Paris was brilliantly slimey.

The best portrayal of a character has to go to the Nurse though, who was just amazing.

In short, it's a good, but not great version of the play, which is a little disappointing given it's the Globe, but still worth a look.

Visiting the Globe at night is quite fun though and is going down on my list of things that must be done again.