May 27th, 2009

wildhunt, masks, border

A Hunting We Shall Go

So, having gone back to Molly in April, I've been back to the Hunt tonight, which means I need a new userpic (this one includes my head on a spike!).

They seem to have a lot more energy then they used to, they've certainly got a few new dancers and it was as fun as it was at the best Hunt practices.

The highlight of the evening has to be the fact that they are still practicing the dance I wrote for them just before I left and in fact they've danced it out a few times (it's apparently one of "their regulars" now). We did it at practice and it's not even changed from how I wrote it (we had done a lot of work to it in practice when I originally came up with the idea). How cool is that? Can't wait to get the chance to dance it out myself!

And just *squee*

Sleep now... zzzzzzzzzzz