May 26th, 2009

rapper, thrales

Bringing Culture and Enlightenment to the Cotswolds

So yesterday evening, we went all the way over here.

3 hours of travel either way for a 3 hour dance out does seem a little excessive, but it's not everyday you get invited to one of the Cotsworld villages. Although going there as a London side and performing dances from the North-East does seem somewhat like holding up a big sign saying "Look! We're lost".

Bampton itself seems to have several morris sides all with names like The Bampton Traditional Morris Dancers, The Traditional Morris Dancers of Bampton, The Bampton Dancers of Traditional Morris, The Peoples Front of Judea, etc, etc. I got a bit confused by this, so now have no idea which side we were invited by, but it was very nice of them to invite us all the same and, all in all, it's an interesting place to go on the late May bank holiday and well worth a visit.

Our dances generally went ok, although there were a few interesting "variations" and in the last dance the set was just a blur (or it was until I regained my glasses).

I generally have a cord on my glasses when I dance rapper to hold them on, but forgot to tighten it up and somehow managed to pass the sword through it when I passed it behind me with the obvious result when the swords went up in the first chorus. It's quite strange to realise the whole worlds gone blury, there are lots of swords twirling around you and somewhere in the middle of it all are your glasses are hanging there.