May 10th, 2009


A Trip To Notorious Verulamium

St Albans is one of those places I seem to have been a number of times, but not actually seen any of.

As I was heading up that way for the Notorious contra, it seemed a good excuse to rectify this. I managed to enlist morganmuffle to show me around and she took me on a tour of the car park (it must have been good as we went around twice).

In no particular order there was:

  • 6 pots of tea (well, I said "in no particular order", but these clearly are most important and must come first)

  • waffles and pasta (not together)

  • earspoons and keyrings (both of which clearly need to be reintroduced into society, although I'd imagine that later might actually sell better)

  • lots of mosiac floors (I'm sure the Verulamiumish people must have just spent their whole lives sticking little pieces of tile to the ground)

  • dead people (there were plenty of alive ones in St Albans too, but they weren't on display in the museum).

  • flagons and dragons and bears, oh my! (ok, I'm fairly certain there were flagons and I know there was a dragon, but I don't actually remember seeing any bears)

  • the ruins of a theatre and a cinema (I have a feeling it wasn't a roman cinema though)

  • a really exciting road junction with pedestrian crossings going diagonally across it (we need these in London, although preferably with the green and red men the other side of the road for the benefit of those of us without eyes in our elbows)

  • and a partridge in a pear tree (well, ok, not actually one of those, but there were Christmas carols!)

As for the contra, it was fun, but notorious seemed a little tame and sedate for my liking. Not sure I'll be rushing to see them again in a hurry.

I've also had an idea: They should run a railway from St. Pancras south of the river to places like London Bridge and Elephant. It would link the two sides of the Thames and would have been very useful. I wonder what it should be called?
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Chloe and the Pirates

I don't often do memes, but sometimes they just seem an excellent way of avoiding what I really should be doing, so here's an interesting one via wellinghall and philmophlegm.

Pick a musical artist whose discography you know fairly well. Using only their song titles, try to answer these questions. Try not to repeat a song title.

  • Pick your artist: The Soft Machine

  • Collapse )

One day I'll actually meet someone who shares my taste in music and I'll die of shock. However, it does mean I've ended up with some really deep and meaningful sounding answers to those questions completely randomly.

Now just to work out how to get to 1983 (not sure what I'll do there if I go though...)
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Mothers Day?

I've been a bit confused about the number of adverts and mentions of mothers day online this week, as far as I was aware it was back before Easter like it normally is.

So, ok, this is easily explainable - America have Mother's day on a different day to Mothering Sunday.

However, this doesn't explain how I've not noticed this before. Surely it's the same old internet it's been for the past few years and America have been holding Mother's day on a different day to us for all of those?
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On Friday my recycling box went missing (it's the day they're emptied and I'm fairly certain the bin men must just forget to take the rubbish out the box before putting it their truck).

Anywho, not knowing where it was I went online late Friday evening to request a new one.

It was sitting on the doorstep when I got home yesterday! Surely councils aren't supposed to be that efficient? Took Slough weeks when we asked for one there.