May 6th, 2009

politics, london calling


Heard about this on the radio this morning:

US 'hate list' DJ to sue Britain

Judging by what they say about him in the article, I would imagine I'm unlikely to agree with his opinions on most things, but that's not the point. Whatever his views, he has a right to express them.

Freedom of speech is a fundamental part of democracy, whether we agree with the views expressed or not. We shouldn't be penalising people for using this. If he were to act upon his views, then that would be different, but just expressing them isn't a crime and it shouldn't be.

Having talked about a legal system judging us on who we are rather than what we do in my post last night, it now seems rather poignant as we now seem to be judging on views expressed rather than how people act on them.

I think we all need to slap Jacqui Smith with a wet fish until she sees sense (on second thoughts I won't say that lest I get expelled from my own country for hate crime)