April 8th, 2009

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There's Something Poetic About Easter Egg Hunts

This sounds fun:

Project Space 176

11 April 2009

3-5pm: Scrambled Stanzas led by Chrissy Williams

“This is not my tune, but it’s mine to use.”

Scrambled stanzas: An Afternoon of Eggs-quisite Poetry.
Poet Chrissy Williams leads an interactive Easter poetry egg hunt at 176. Each egg contains a different line of poetry poached from poems across the ages. Find them and weave together "new" poems from the threads of the past. We will be performing them on the day and will make them available online afterwards. Come along for an afternoon of poetry and chocolate fun!

This is a free event.

(via the 176 Facebook group)
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Charity Shop Shopping

So, I've done my usual trick, and found the charity shops.

As I result I've gained:

  • A clothes valet (as I needed something to hang things on in the bedroom)

  • A set of cast iron kitchen scales (I've always loved proper scales with weights - suspect I may need to get new weights though as the smallest one is 2 oz).

  • A recipe book stand (simply because they seem useful)