April 2nd, 2009

monopoly, home, old kent road

Post and Paint

Got one of those red parcel cards from Royal Mail yesterday.

I tend to dread these things as they tend to mean having to go miles and miles to pick the things up.

However, this one said, it was in the sorting office I walk past everyday on the way to work.

Another thing that I can see is going to make me like living here.

In other news, the tank's been painted again. It's now red and blue.
monopoly, home, old kent road

Your Letter Was Only The Start Of It...

Saw this on the way to work:

Was going to say that it was a really cool name and if I ever needed concrete that's where I'd go, just for the name, but then the theme tune sprung into my head and I've got stuck on the line

"One letter and now you're a part of it"

Is this a cover for the mafia?

If any of you ever write to them about me, I won't be speaking to you again...
owen, me, owen st

So Famous, They're Naming Streets After Me...

Those of you who follow me on Twitter/Facebook, may already know about this, but I have a row in Islington

Google streetview of my row

It's clearly mine, it's got my name on it.

They also seem to have named a street after me just up the road too:

Google streetview of my street

Gosh, what am I to do with all this fame?