March 17th, 2009

monopoly, home, old kent road

It's Strange What You Can Walk Past Without Noticing...

A quick snapshot of my subconscious processing the things I walk past on my way to work in the morning:

Mail sorting office
Block of flats

hmmm_tea takes a few steps back again


I knew there was one around here somewhere, but hadn't quite expected that I'd walked past it several times without noticing it.

That said, when I've walked along Mandela Way rather than Old Kent Road over the past few weeks, it's generally been late at night, dark and I've been going in the opposite direction where there's a bush hiding it, but that's still a pretty poor excuse as it is a big tank just parked in a fenced off area off the road.

The monopoly set we had at home when I was younger had playing pieces which were all various vehicles (rather than the standard top hat, etc) and included a tank, so I'm beginning to think I have actually fallen into a game of monopoly at some point.

*hmmm_tea attempts to advance to go as he'd quite like another £200*

EDIT: Having walked back the other way to go home for lunch, it appears it's not even that well hidden behind the bush. I'm just clearly that unobservant.

OK then, Thursdays? What are they all about then?

So, it appears that I forgot to cancel the thing I'd originally wanted to do on Thursday, which I'd intended to cancel because something else had come up, which itself has now also been cancelled.

When I get my head around the knot in that last sentance and figure out whether I'm coming or going, what Thursdays are all about and what I'm actually doing that evening, I might actually be marginally less annoyed by the whole business.

I never did get Thursdays.
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