March 9th, 2009

tea, samovar

Icewine Tea

Someone at work has brought in Canadian Icewine Tea today.

Ingredients: Pure Ceylon Tea, Nature Identical Icewine Flavour

It's, erm... interesting

It tastes almost, but not quite, entirely unlike icewine.

In fact it tastes more like Ceylon with artificial peach, apricot and (bizarrely) strawberry flavours.
rapper, thrales

Lost Treasure

Received an email from DERT 2009 today, including:

This is just a reminder to bring back the perpetual trophies.

Thrales, you have the Tyzack and Traditional ones

*worries briefly about losing a trophy and then checks photo*

No, definitely just one trophy and a few shields there.

EDIT: News just in whilst writing that post - Apparently they've found it now, no idea what happened to it last year, but we probably had plenty without it.