February 1st, 2009

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Foreign Labour Protests

Protest over foreign labour fear

So, let me get this straight, these protesters are proposing a nationalistic "jobs for the boys" strategy? And there was me thinking we might be getting away from those sorts of antiquated views and awarding jobs on merit.

If British labour is not competitive with Foreign labour, then surely that's what needs to be addressed rather than removing the competition entirely?

Nationalism has no place in deciding job suitability, if our national work force is not cheap enough or not up to the job then that's what we should be looking to rectify.
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February Plans: Dana Centre

So, last month I posted the talks I was planning to go to. In the end I never made it to the Science Museum one last week as I had to work on coursework instead and I failed to notice the talk on The Two Cultures was a daytime one rather than evening, so didn't make that one either.

Looking at this month's offering, these are the talks I'm planning on attending:

  • Sinful Science - 3 Feb 2009 - This should be a good one considering the morals of science when it's used for less moral applications

  • War of the Sexes - 4 Feb 2009 - This gets a lot of attention nowadays as we strive for sexual equality. A lot of people do argue that men and women are different, so it'll be interesting to see how much they think these differences needs to be taken into consideration in male and female roles and how much the division of roles is just antiquated tradition.

  • Emotional Contagion - 5 Feb 2009 - I love the way it's difficult to be sad around happy people even if the opposite is less good. Never really considered how we are influenced by the emotions of others before though.

  • Feel the Flavour - 11 Feb 2009 - I have an obvious interest in taste given what I do for a living, so this will be fascinating.

  • Veggie Might - 17 Feb 2009 - Who am I to argue if they want to tell me I'm saving the planet?

  • Science Museum Lates - 25 Feb 2009 - As I didn't make it last week, I'll make up for it this month instead (no prebooking required for this one apparently)

Very weighted towards next week, but should be an interesting selection.

Again, if anyone fancies joining me, tickets are free and you just need to email tickets@danacentre.org.uk to arrange a place.
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Banjos at the Wedding

So, there's been a lot of word about the weird things Microsoft Songsmith does to songs going around lately, but this is the first time I've seen it in action.

Proof Billy Idol would have actually been quite a good folk singer:

So wrong, in so many ways, but absolutely hilarious

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