November 19th, 2007


Deliveries Update

Following on from this post, I have finally managed to get the sender to send me the computer again.

This time Parcelforce actually managed to send me the customs notification and so I've now paid the relevant VAT, etc and it will be delivered on 3 December.

It's now been 3 months since I ordered it, so fingers crossed it will actually arrive now.
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Advent Calendars

There's something fundamentally exciting about advent calendars, even if the chocolate versions forgo the surprise factor by only including a chocolate in each window.

This year thethirdvoice and I have bought each other those Marks & Spencer Christmas Tree calendars with the draws, which we are filling up with little surprises (having first disposed of the chocolates).

What has surprised me is how difficult it actually is to find small cheap things nowadays. More precisely, it has to be able to fit in a space around 1.5" cubed and ideally cost on average around 50p (we discussed this an came to the conclusion that much more would make a fairly expensive advent calendar when you took into account their were 24 drawers).

Anyway, I'm now feeling fairly accomplised, having only one more drawer left to fill. No 4 - as that's the one I've been carrying around the shops with me to check sizes of things.
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