May 3rd, 2007



So, now I'm completely drained of blood, despite spending all morning thinking up excuses not to go.

Having said to thethirdvoice that it would probably be about a year before I did it again last time, I got their to discover the last time I'd been was in fact May 2006.

Wasn't so bad the second time around once I finally got in there. The first nurse (the one who takes the sample to check they want you) didn't seem very friendly which didn't help much, but I suppose that was because it was towards the end of the day and they always look as if they're quite busy when they do this guys.

They could design the bed things better though. Why do they put them, so if you lie down flat you can't see out of the window? How are you suppose to forget where you are if you can't look out the window? The ones that doctors have tend to have raisable ends to lift your head up slightly, why couldn't fit the vans out with something like that?

The bloodsucking seemed to be quicker this time. Not sure if it makes any difference, but did notice I seemed to be doing the finger moving very quickly compared to last time (was keen to get it over with).

Best of all this time I was allowed a cup of tea....
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