January 18th, 2007


Ooo... Look... Energy Storage!

Flywheel Storage Technology

OK, doesn't generate any more electricity, so won't help with increased demand really and who knows what the energy wastage is of one of these things or even the cost.

However, anything that will help store energy to even out the supply-demand cycles of the power grid has to be worth looking into. Also should help make renewables more feasible (although still not capable of supplying our entire needs).
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London Bridge is Falling Down!

London Bridge station is closed, and will remain so for the rest of the day. This follows an incident this afternoon when some glass panels in the roof were dislodged and fell onto the concourse. Underground services from London Bridge are running as normal.

OK, it's going to be inconvenient to get home, but that's nowhere near as annoying as the fact that I've now got that song stuck in my head...
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1 3/4 hours...

Well, I suppose that's only 7 times as long as it normally takes...
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