January 15th, 2007


Confusion in Robert Sayle

So yesterday, I went into the Robert Sale near the Grafton Centre in Cambridge. Didn't really want a Robert, so decided to spend the vouchers I had on a Food Processor instead.

Having taken the little token up to the till, I was told they had none in stocks, but there were 2 in their depot in Trumpington if I'd like to collect it that afternoon.

Not really fancing going out to Trumpington on Public Transport to collect a food processor, I asked if it was possible to collect it from the shop at a later date. At which point I was hit by complete and utter confusion from the sales assistant. It was as if I'd asked if I could collect it from the moon.

Is it really that unusual a thing to ask?

In the end they called the supervisor who arranged it and it will be ready for me to collect when I'm back in Cambridge next weekend.
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