November 1st, 2006

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BST/GMT and Energy-Efficiency

All the recent talk about climate change, energy efficiency, the London blackout on Saturday, etc along with my posts on clock changes have got me thinking.

Several people have given the reason for clock changes as being to make more efficient use of the light. Surely, trying to ensure it's light when the majority of people get up isn't efficient.

Wouldn't it be far more efficient to centre the solar day on the hours that you could expect most people to be awake? Say, 9am - 8pm, because as far as I'm aware very few people get up after 9 or go to bed before 8. This would then make "midday" (in solar terms) 2 or 3pm rather than 12 noon.

I'm assuming the number of hours of daylight will expand around this centre point meaning we should get the maximum use out of the daylight hours. As it is it's light first thing in the morning (plenty of it at 7am when I got up), but dark by 5pm meaning all the lights go on for the whole of the evening when people get home from work.

This is never going to happen, but it does seem strange that we are so obsessed with it being light when we get up to the extent that we waste so much of the daylight.
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Had an appointment with the Dentist down the road from me today. Was weird as I've been with the same dentist up in Penrith since I was about 7, but this one seems just as good and is NHS (the old one went private) and isn't 300 miles away.

Appointment was the same old storey. No cavities (still no fillings - yay!), teeth and gums generally fine except a bit of staining and the reason why I went in the first place.

...My gums are receding from where I've been brushing too hard.


They don't mention that when you're young and they tell you how to brush properly...
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