October 5th, 2006

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Conflicting Interests In The Police

Inquiry into embassy police row

I really don't see what the issue is with this. Surely it's obvious that there might be issues placing someone with Lebanese connections on duty at the Israeli embassy would cause issues and that perhaps it would be best if someone else was assigned there for that period instead.

The police are human beings you can't stop that, no matter how much you want them to pretend they're not.

OK, it might not always be possible to arrange things that way and sometimes officers will have duties conflicting with personal interests, but where it's possible to avoid this surely it's got to be in everybody's interest to do so?
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On the Today programme this morning there was an article about Polymaths and where are they today?

One of the thoughts given was that with an education system so focused on getting people to specialise, we're no longer allowing these types to people to excel as they once would and that perhaps we should allow for a broader education for those more suited to it.

Wow, at last someone talks some sense. Shame it will never happen...
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