October 2nd, 2006


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thethirdvoice has now gone back to college. Having had her stay over the summer, the flat now seems very empty. Will now be making lots of trips up to Cambridge again.

The urge to throttle everyone involved with the management of NTL, which I thought I'd managed to lose when I finished uni and could change to a different company for telephone is now back. Having changed my phone tarrif from one of these 5p for a hour to one of the free for an hour in the evening and weekends tarrifs, which was useful in keeping the phone bills down last term. They've gone and given thethirdvoice an 0845 number this year.

Why? It makes no sense? What was wrong with the old 01223 numbers you used to give out?

It seems NTL are determined to cost me lots of money...

...which is bad because I don't have any.

And to top it all off, the trains are up the spout and I'm having one of those "I don't want to go to work" sort of days...

...oh, and it's probably going to rain.
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Magazine Issue Dates

What is it with this trend for magazine issue dates getting more and more ahead of themselves?

I always took it for granted that a particularly months issue for some magazines would come out on say the 17 of the month before, but on Friday (that's the 29 September) I received the November issue of Decanter (a continuation on a trend).

You can't possibly really call that the November issue can you? Especially as by the time it's actually November you'll have another issue out anyway?

What's all that about?
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