June 1st, 2006



A few weeks ago now, I went and gave blood. Something I kept thinking I should do up until then, but kept putting it off.

I can get really squeemish about blood, so it was probably one of the hardest things I've made myself do, but I was glad I did it. I did however go very very pale whilst they were doing it and they wouldn't let me sit up for a long time afterwards.

Anyway, today I got the excitment of finding out blood type.

O negetive, which apparently means I can give blood to anyone, but can only accept blood from 7% of the population (other O negetives). So basically they're telling me to give lots of blood and not have any serious accidents then? Scarey thought.

The result of which is I now not going to be able to leave it for a long time before doing it again without feeling guilty.

Right... not going to think about it... urgh...
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