May 1st, 2006

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Dancing & May Day

So this weekend was a weekend almost entirely composed of dancing. 2 Festivals/2 sides (although life's not simple enough to make it one at each).

Rochester Sweeps Festival

Nice town and a nice festival. The Hunt were a little thin on the ground with numbers (as were Mythago although we did do a couple of dances together during the day which boosted numbers nicely). We share our first spot with Mythago and they followed us for the second, before going back to their own schedule in the afternoon.

We missed one spot in the middle of the day as it was felt it would be nice to have lunch sometime. Not sure who planned the schedule, but 1.25 hour spots seem a little on the long side, surely it would be better to have more of them and shorter ones. There were 5 spots with 15 minutes between each, which also doesn't leave any time for lunch?!

Danced out Casting the Runes as well, which is a first since I joined a year ago. We're finally getting the repertoire back out on the streets again, yey!

Also are the Swaine family omnipresent? Young Miscellany seem to get everywhere nowadays...

Hastings Jack-in-the-Green Festival

So after a brief night at home, it was off to the seaside yesterday. Lovely festival.

Thrales toured the old town during the afternoon yesterday. Did several outside venues to begin with, but moved onto the pubs later in the afternoon. Not entirely sure how many brain cells I've got left now, sure I bashed quite a few of them out during the tour hitting my head several times on the air conditioning in the Stag and the ceiling in the Anchor (which begs the question where the swords are suppose to go when I pass underneath them - without ducking...). We seemed to go down amazingly well too (and got two rounds bought for us as a result, yey!)

They did the DERT dance a few times, including in the middle of George Street between the Pumphouse and the Anchor where Esps and Hammersmith had been dancing all afternoon.

Went to the Filo with the remaining Thrales and most of Hammersmith after that.

Decided not to get up for the dawn this morning, given the weather forcast, how late it was when I went to bed and how little sleep I seem to have had lately, but was still woken up by the sound of drumming at 5.30 this morning. The Bogies came right into the hall where we were camping and made the most amazing amount of noise (think I need to see if I can employ them as an alarm clock to get me up for work during the week...). Had been warned they would do this, but it still made me jump out of my skin when I woke up!

Tipping down this morning for the start of the procession (was dancing with the Hunt today), so we were with drums only for the first part, couldn't really hear them either so the sticking was all over the place as was the stepping - in the end we walked most of the first bit. Stopped at the Pumphouse for a drink while the rest of the procession passed and then rejoined it to go up to the castle this time with music and much better weather. Much better after that and we certainly made a lot of noise too.

Did our spot on the stage by the castle and then came back down to finish by dancing in George Street. One of the most amazing audiences I've ever danced for, if also one of the tighest spaces I've done morris - lots of people trying to get past the sets (had to keep clearing them out the way each time we were about to start one). They did scream for an encor which was a nice way to finish the day...

Came home and emailed Gogs to let them know they're mad for keeping turning the invites to this down and now I'm collapsed in a small heap hoping to regain some vague concept of being human in th e morning...
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