April 25th, 2006


Shock Horror Miracles Happen

Well so I got the results for the Unit 6 exam that I almost certainly failed today and apparently I passed.

Passed both tasting and theory. Not sure how that happened as my essay on Rutherglen Muscat didn't really say anything...

In other news, seemed to spend the whole day yesterday opening my post. Never really knew how many books could arrive in a week. Sure the library is now twice as big as it was when I went away.
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I'm getting a strange urge everytime I walk back from Morris practice past the takeaway.

I'm not getting an urge to go into the takeaway, but just to peer around the door.

Think there must be some sort of strange aura around the Peiking Inn...

Also on the way to practice tonight there was a van with flashing lights, closely followed by two lorries. From a distance I thought it was going to be mobile homes on the lorries, but it was actually trains! Trains on lorries! Wow! Exciting!
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