April 13th, 2006


So, Iran's Enriched Uranium...

...and the government are telling us we don't want this.

I really don't understand the thinking behind the principle that we're allowed nuclear weapons and no-one else is. That said I'm not exactly ecstatic by the concept of someone else having them.

But that doesn't stop this stinking of hypocracy.

Even IF Iran develop nuclear weapons, I still think it's far more terrifying that Bush has got his finger on the trigger of 1 or 2 already...

So, I take it that means it's now just a matter of time before we invade them too...
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Easter Eggs Poll

thethirdvoice and I are just discussing Easter Eggs and the fact that some people wrap them and some don't. So out of curiousity a poll...

Poll #709760 Easter Eggs

Should Easter Eggs Be Wrapped?


UPDATE: Well I guess that settle's it then. thethirdvoice's cousins are weird...
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