April 2nd, 2006

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Global Warming And Wine

There's been a big conference recently about the effects of global warming on the wine industry. Wine seems the last thing you'd want to worry about where global warming's concerned, it's just a luxury after all where as the climate isn't.

However, I think the point is more that styles of wine give a good indication of climate (hence why you get vintage variations, etc).

Interesting Article from Decanter about it
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confused, contemplative, puzzle

Grapevine Genome

Whilst I'm on the subject of developments in wine. They've almost finished mapping the genome of the grapevine. Will be interesting to see what they do with it and what effect it has on production:

Another article
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So this weekend thethirdvoice came to visit :-)

Finally got round to having pancakes on friday (yey, pancakes!) and discovered cast iron pancake pans aren't entirely ideal for tossing.

Saturday saw us wondering around Croydon and the charity shops there in. Found a popcorn pan in British Heart Foundation (yey, popcorn!), am going to have fun trying that out... In the evening we went to Anthony's winetasting and thethirdwoice met some of the beerat5 lot. thethirdvoice was a little ancious about going to a wine tasting, but when she saw how unserious it was she seemed to enjoy herself.

Then today we went to the Stömp CD launch ceilidh over near the Barbican. We were very late and spent a while wondering around the barbican carrying all thethirdvoice's luggage. Finally made it shortly after 4.15pm (it started at 3pm and finished at 5pm followed by a session which we didn't stay for as thethirdvoice had to be off). Finished up with Dinner near Liverpool Street before she got the train home.

All in all a good weekend :-)
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