March 15th, 2006

lazy frog, sleepy, tired

Insane Travelling...

So, today I had about a 300 mile commute to work.

Caught the train at 6.30 this morning, which gave me just about enough time to travel down to London, drop stuff at home and be in work for 12.15.

hmmm... I think I've gone bananas.

Think I'm going to surpass the stupidity of that at the weekend which I intend to spend in Cambridge, making a day trip to York on Saturday for DERT, but that's Lisa's fault for living in a silly place...
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    Dream Theatre - Images And Words

The Shoes! The Shoes!

This may seem strange, but recently ever time I see a power cable suspended across the road, there's been a pair of shoes hanging from it.

Is this some sort of new fashion craze I'm unaware of?

or just a conspiracy?

Perhaps the shoes are stalking me?

Argh! The shoes are coming to get me!

Help! Save me from the shoes!
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    Pink Floyd - The Wall