March 13th, 2006


Molly AGM Minutes - A Reaction

Looking through the minutes of the molly AGM, noticed something about dancing for 2 sides:

"Dancing with more than 2 sides - there were times this year when people were dancing with both Gogs and another team."

Trying to think of examples of this happening and the only one that springs to mind is me at Wallingford.

It goes on to set what the "expectations" should be in this case. Which I met during the weekend. ie telling the dance-out organiser what my schedule for the weekend would be, which I did well in advance.

OK, I was often late/left early from spots, because I couldn't instantiously get across town. However, I had let Emma know that I would be dancing for 2 sides and so shouldn't be relied upon for numbers when I first knew about it. Also I had no expectation to be in any of the sets, I just turned up as soon as I could and if I was told to be in a set I got in it and when I knew I wasn't needed again I left for the next spot.

I'm now really struggling to see what the issue was?

Maybe I'm just reading too much into it...
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