March 12th, 2006

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An Atheist's View on Christianity (or why I'm not one)

Went to my nieces Christening today. Sat an observed rather than joining in with the service. Although, I think that may sound disrespectful, by joining in I would have been saying things I don't believe in and making promises on things I don't believe, which would have been far more disrespectful to the religion.

I mainly went along, because I knew how much it would mean to Ian (Skye is far too young to care whether her Uncle's there or not really). It's really uncomfortable being in a church service as a non-believer, which ok, isn't a problem as that's not who they're for. However, it has got me thinking about my own faith, or lack there of, so I thought I'd record these thoughts here.

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Maybe that doesn't capture my thoughts into words properly, but it's an attempt and maybe gives a vague idea of what I think...
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IVF Treatment (Owen's been thinking again and has more opinions...)

The discussions about the withdrawl of concent about IVF treatment in the news lately has been very enlightening to me as to how it works and I don't think I like it.

In principle I'm not against treatments to help people have children. However, keeping sperm and eggs frozen is one thing, keeping fertilised embryos is another.

Once that embryo has been created it's a life, what right have we to bung it in a freezer and decide whether it gets to carry on with that life or not?
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