March 10th, 2006


Teeth and Passports

Went to the dentist this morning and now I've got my tooth rebuilt :-)

Apparently my teeth are "not bomb proof, but very close", said I should come back in a year to 15 months, so I think I stick with having a Dentist 300 miles away, as it's got to be cheaper than London and I think it would be difficult to find another dentist as nice as the one I've got up here.

Got him to fill out my new passport form for me while I was there. Had the photo done in a shop on the way there. Glad I paid extra to do that, rather than using a machine, as apparently they would have rejected my photo if I'd been wearing my glasses anyway (as of course I'm going to take off my glasses to walk through customs - obviously!).

Came home and had a HOT cup of tea :-)
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Role Reversal

Mum took me round to have a look at a computer of a couple of friends of hers this evening.

There's something really bizarre about the concept of going visiting Jehoviah's Witnesses, definitely feels the wrong way round somehow.

Think I should probably have found some sort of skeptical magazine and a skeptical equivalent to the bible to take with me to try and talk them out of religion

..but I didn't.
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In Defence of John Humphrey's

OK, it's been a bit of an odd mixture of posts this evening, but I seem to have been thinking about lots of different things today.

We took the dog upto Whinlatter today, which was nice, was really pretty to see all the light shining through all the larch trees (which haven't grown their needles back yet) all covered in moss.

Anywho, on the way there we were listening to Feedback on Radio 4. There had been a number of people who'd written/phoned in complaining about John Humphrey's interview style and the fact that it was rude of him to keep interupting people the way he does.

I can see where they're coming from, but I still think I like the way he does it. At the end of the day anyone who agrees to an interview with him should know what they're getting themselves in for, it's not as if his style isn't public knowledge. He makes people defend their views in interviews, which cannot be a bad thing and this helps hold the interview together. You hear so many interview where the interviewee is able to steer the conversation onto something different to avoid difficult topics that it's good to have something different.

At the end of the day, it's an interview not a presentation. If you agree to an interview you have to accept that there may be difficult questions and you are not entirely in control of the topics of discussion.
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