March 9th, 2006



So, on Tuesday I went to the Post Office to take in my passport form ready for this trip to Bordeaux, to be told:

"No you can't have one, your head's too big"

or something along those lines.

Eeek! So when I did the photos I went into the machine and centred everything as they said on the instructions that came with the passport form and still they didn't like it.

What's this? Stop people from illegally obtaining false passports by preventing people from getting them full stop?!

Oh well, have another form to fill out now...
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Horsham Molly Side

Julie has been telling me at the Hunt practices about this new molly side forming in Horsham (which she and a few other people from Mythago are going along and practicing with) who are apparently basing themselves on Gogs.

She was telling me which dances they were learning on Tuesday. They've downloaded 3 off our website to learn.

Arbury Court and Fenland Safari, which seem nice easy ones to start with


Stamp Strangely!

They're just mad!

Thrales aren't practicing the Monday after DERT, so am going to go down to Horsham to investigate. Think I've managed to pursuade Lisa to come too, so they'll be 2 of us to invade them...
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Yey! Holiday!

So am currently up the other end of the country (aka "Up North") on holiday :-)

Yey, Holiday.

Spent the day wondering around Penrith today, doesn't change. Has got more charity shops then South Norwood though :-)

This evening, I went round to Ian's and spent some time reading to Chloe and Luke. It was nice... if a little chaotic... I must admit I'd near read Mr Sneasey before, which was obviously something that had been lacking in my life (Chloe and Luke seemed to enjoy acting out the sneases). Also met Skye for the first time (newest niece was born in October) and she's huge...
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