March 1st, 2006



Looking back at my post last night, am amazed at how stressed I got.

I don't think I've ever got quite that stressed about an exam before and I've sat a lot that have had a far greater impact on my life. Think I'm seriously going to have to look at my working style tonight to stop that happening again...

Thanks cartesiandaemon, I owe you a pint
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Unit 6

So, what did they decide to ask the essay question on in the end...

Rutherglen Muscat!

So not some obscure commercial oddity or anything like that then! Oh well, looks like I probably have failed that then... bother!

On another note, have decided that I'm going to be better off guiding myself with the study guides and syllabuses and using the reference books more as a source to "look things up" rather than trying to just read and read and read...

Have asked to transfer diploma courses so that I can spend some time going over Units 1, 2 and 6 while they catch up with where the group I'm currently in have got to.
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Licensing = null state?

Is it just me or do all topics on eceilidh end up turning into discussions about licensing (of one form or another)?

hmmm... am tempted to post something completely random and count the number of replies it takes for it to veer onto the subject...
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