February 19th, 2006



On Friday there was a man sitting opposite me on the train reading a newspaper (not that that's uncommon really).

What was strange though was the fact he'd flick through the paper at random stop at a page read it for a bit then pull it out the paper, fold it up and add it to a growing pile on the table.
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Stewards Ceilidh

So, last night there was dinner in Cambridge followed by the IVFDF stewards ceilidh.

First time I'd been around the school, which is silly really as I was still on the committee when we finalised the venue and in fact I was part of the group trying to find the venue in the first place. Not sure why I missed all the other trips out there, but I'm sure there were good reasons.

Anyway, it was good to see everyone there, especially as it was a much more social astmosphere then a general ceilidh, more like something like the round or morris/molly practice really.

Discovered atreic will be very happy if you put a gate in her way. We got her to climb over it twice (ie over and back), but failed to convince her to go over again...

Also discover that Rosza is so much more fun as a woman... Maybe I should have a sex change so I could dance it as such more often?
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Jumping To Conclusions...

hmmm... must stop doing that.

Just saw the list of sets for the molly display and noticed I was only in special, having requested not to be in the display if they didn't need me for more than one dance (Don't fancy carrying my kit upto Cambridge for IVFDF for just one dance).

Sent an email along the lines of "hang on a minute... but I asked not to be..."

Then noticed there were 2 Rachels in sorting hat...

Pointed this out and it turns out one of them is actually supposed to be me.

Feeling really silly now
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