February 4th, 2006


Argh, Another Essay

Have an essay on Fortified wines to write for Monday, which I haven't had chance to look at yet (looks like that's what I'm doing this weekend then...).

Did have a glass of port last night though, does that count as work towards my essay?
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Dancing Next Saturday

Next Saturday there are 2 ceilidhs and a contra I'd like to go to all at the same time, eeek!

The Round Ceilidh would be nice as chances are I'll know most of the band and I know both callers. Most of the Cambridge folkies will be there too. However, I'm going to Cambridge both the following weekends (IVFDF and the stewards ceilidh) and 3 weekends in a row seems excessive (and expensive!) and it's very awkward to get back to Croydon afterwards.

The Meltdown Ceilidh in Heywards Heath is however just down the Thameslink so much easier. A lot of the Mythago lot (including a couple of the Hunt) go to these so has the benefit of lots of people I know being there again. Although, I' ve heard that a lot of people go as couples to this and won't dance outside their couples (then again if the Mythago lot are there that's not too big a problem as I can just dance with them).

Then again the London Barndance is contra. Not been to London Barndance when the Cambridge lot haven't been there (which they won't be, as they'll be at the round ceilidh - see above), but still it's contra. Camden is probably the easiest of the lot to get back from (even if it means tube - expensive!). Think Hamish and Michelle often go to these, so chances are I'll still know people there. Contras can be odd though depending on who's there, ie they can be very fun and energetic or just very stately.

So a poll to help me decide...

Poll #666550 Which Dance

Which Ceilidh/Contra Should I Go To?

London Barndance (Camden) - Chesapeake with Henry Morgenstein
Meltdown Ceilidh (Heywards Heath) - Chalktown with Cat Kelly
Round Ceilidh (Cambridge) - Big Round Band with atreic and musicgirl9999
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