January 29th, 2006


Stealth Haircuts

Went to haircutting place yesterday and basically told them I had too much hair.

To this they produced something looking very much like a cut-throat razor and got rid of most of it.

Haven't had all the "you've had your haircut" comments from people who obviously think you haven't noticed, so perhaps I managed to hide it sufficiently. Must be a new stealth haircut.

They did put some horrible greasy gunk in my hair, which I only had the opportunity to wash out this morning. Do people really like using this stuff? Makes your hair feel so horrible, like some sort of bizarre cross between greasy kitchen fat and pva glue!

Having said that I won't now admit to having actually used hair gel when had much shorter hair when I was a teenager...
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Went up to Cambridge on Saturday evening for the Round ceilidh there. Was quite packed for a round ceilidh really and the gloworms were overflowing with energy as they have been when I've seen them before. John Stewart (if he's who I think he is - if he's not then who is the person I think he is?) brought lots of lighting which massively helped the atmosphere (nice as Parkside's hall is for the ceilidhs it does lack that most of the time - perhaps the round need to look into getting their own lighting?)

Then again if the round ceilidhs carry on growing like this, they'll be looking for a bigger venue before long anyhow...

Gogs did the interval performance. Danced idiot's delight for the first time out (haven't practiced it since November when I learnt it!), but seemed to go out. We also did Mitcham's corner, but I wasn't in that one.

Can't help but think that seeing as we had so many dancers then perhaps we should have been aiming to do bigger dances. As it was kitting up seemed an awful lot of effort just for one dance.

I don't know what it is, but I seem to keep thinking that I've not danced as much as I would have liked when I've danced out with Gogs recently. Seems strange as I never used to get it and I'm not even sure if I am dancing less. Who knows, maybe I am, maybe it's just a natural part of not being in Cambridge anymore, maybe it's just a result of having knee problems when I was there which I don't have now making it seem that way.

Oh well, whatever it is, I can't really complain as it's not as if they're the only side I dance with.
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Why is dancing kit all so awkward to wash?

Well ok, Thrales kit is fairly easy.

But Gogs kit is mainly hand wash only

and the tatters on the Hunt kit all curled up when I washed that meaning they all needed ironing to stop them looking like just bits of cord placed sporadically across a shirt rather than a complete coating of tatters (takes hours to iron a tatter coat!)...
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