December 20th, 2005


The Lottery

The Chief Exec gave me a lottery ticket for Christmas today. Never wasted my money on it, so it will be an interesting experience to see what I don't win.

Then again, as I didn't pay for it, I suppose I can't lose anything...
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On Bouge

On Bouge last night, so more dancing :-)

Fairly quiet and the staff at the London Welsh Centre didn't seem to be expecting us, even though we'd booked the room. Thought I'd made a mistake when I arrived and there was no one there and the barman told me he didn't think it was on.

People turned up in the end and there was much dancing.

Learnt the Swedish mazurka too...
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*Insert Favourite Expletive Here*

And I quote:

Unfortunately the CUWS website does not operate with the Firefox browser. We suggest you employ Microsoft's Internet Explorer to visit this website.

All I wanted was an email address off of it!
I don't think I'll bother now...
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