December 18th, 2005


GIG CB Euroceilidh

Went to the GIG CB Euroceilidh at C# house tonight.

It's a nice idea (a combinations of English ceilidh, French bal-folk and Breton fest noz) and GIG CB are a good band.

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In terms of the actual dancing, it very much felt like I was acting like a teacher a lot of the time due to the large number of beginners there. I hope I didn't appear to arrogant though, when I was telling people where they needed to be.

Am, however, feeling rather proud of myself, as I managed to teach someone the Mazurka (well as much as you can teach someone in one dance - ie she pretty much had the stepping whilst I was talking her through them and guiding her round).

Mood: There isn't an overall term to mean, disappointed that it wasn't quite up to what I hoped it would be, bouncy from a fun dancy, general enjoyment and accomplishment, all at the same time. Will have to go for indescribable, until I have time to invent a new word to describe it (any ideas?).
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