November 14th, 2005


Annoying Design Faults In Everyday Products #1

Why do they put the best before date on the peel off lid of yoghurt pots and then supply you with a plastic reclosable lid so you can throw it away?

Admittedly the peel off lid is probably the easiest thing to print on and they're only really interested in fulfilling their legal obligations in this regards, but this is still plain stupid!

Also they manage to print it on the plastic lids of humous pots, so why not yoghurt too?

OK, rant over
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Nothing's Ever You're Own Is It...

I mean, you put it put it down briefly and someone will move in...

ok, it might be a little while since I last put my slippers on, but...



...there are cobwebs in them*

* don't worry did check there weren't any spiders about to get squashed before putting my feet in there
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Nanowrimo update


I knew I'd forgotten something!

Current word count - 0 :-(

I suppose it all comes of dancing too much and to write a 50k novel in a month I'd have to give some of that up (contraversial!!)

Oh well, free weekend next weekend, except the two ceilidhs, the mountain of reading for the diploma test I've got the following monday, and catching up on sleep and stuff...
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Nanowrimo again...

Well, it's not good, it's not going to be good and I certainly wouldn't recommend reading it.

But have written a quick 228 words (a mere drop in the ocean, but a start).

If at any point anyone wants to risk there brains dribbling out their ears through my random wafflings, it's online (you have been warned as to how bad it is/will be...).
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