October 30th, 2005

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Mardyke Woods

Just got back from dancing with the Hunt at Mardyke Woods for Halloween.

It's nice that were getting all these bookings from the forestry commission, but Mardyke wasn't the nicest place to dance. I think it was because the event was in one corner of the forest, which was directly behind a council estate.

The last place we dance with them was up in Romford at Harold Court Woods which was much better. Bit odd as woods go though, because being only 2 years old it didn't really have any trees.

Maybe it's my up bringing, but when I think of woods or forest I think more of places like Whinlatter, Grizedale or Dodd Wood.

Then again, maybe I'm just being a Yockel and should accept that there aren't going to be nice woods inside the M25...
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Essay finally finished....

...despite my attempts to spend the whole time procrastinating.

Now I remember why I did a maths degree!

...and I'm thinking of trying to write 50k words next month?!?! Must be mad!
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BST? Why?

So, what is the point of BST?

Surely all this putting the clocks back/forwards is all a pointless waste of time?

Can understand the switch from BST to GMT makes it lighter in the morning... ...and hence darker in the evening so perhaps that doesn't make sense after all?

But (putting that to one side and going back to what I was originally trying to say), why the switch from GMT to BST. Surely in the summer the length of day is getting so long that the hour this side or that doesn't really make a lot of difference?
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