October 23rd, 2005

wildhunt, masks, border

Halloween Festival

Went to the Halloween Festival at Queen Mary's yesterday with Wild Hunt.

We did a couple of performances that seemed to go down well and a workshop.

Prince Albert Morris were also there performing. Was curious to see them as they are a bit different (Cotswold with Whips and Chains... - makes a change from hankies), but it clashed with our workshop so only got a quick glimps.

Seems bad planning to have a non-morris event where you've invited two teams to perform and to put them on spots that clash as any audience interested in morris can't be at both at once.
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Gosh, my spelling is terrible...

Looking through my diploma notes, either there are a group of very important little dogs (and even then it's mispelt) playing a key role in wine production...

...or I can't spell Terroir.
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