September 24th, 2005

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Have been giving this a lot of thought since we discussed it in Diploma lectures on Monday.

What I'm wondering is why certain companies try and include their name on the majority of their products (eg Nestle/Kelloggs have their names on most of their brands) whilst others don't (eg Diageo is a huge company, but you never see their name on the supermarket shelves even if their products have a significant display).

Do people have more trust in known companies for things like Cereals as opposed to things like alcholic drinks?

Or could it be something to do with major branding of alcholic drinks being a more modern phenomenon? With a large amount of non-major brands out their and more botique brands is this influence toning things down somewhat?
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The Changing Face Of Beer...

Was reading an interesting article in the Drinks Business.

Amid the rampant poncification of society, beer's lost its way and now faces a similar identity crisis to that of Buerk's traditional grizzly man.

There's an obvious trend at the moment for beer to move itself into the territory of wine. Moving away from traditional pint pulled into a pint glass, we now get fancier taps for beers such as Leffe, Grolsch, Hoegarten, etc. Also this demonstrates a move to more premium brand beers (it certainly seems the cheaper more neutral lagers such as Fosters and Carlsberg seem to have less dominance of the average bar then they used to).

Also as highlighted in the article, glasswear is changing. There are a lot more beers now in not being served in pint glasses, but a more wine style glass. Food and beer matching is also being promoted.

What's this going to mean for traditional British Ale though. These definitely appear to be more of a niece market, but are they going to have to be more innovative to be able to stand their ground and attract new drinkers against the marketing drives of the premium lagers?
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