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All Change (and a small request)

Life seems to be full of changes at the moment and so it occured to me yesterday, that maybe it was time to make some slight changes to my LJ, as a result, the vacuum cleaner theme has now gone.

I've walked past this pub, almost everyday since I moved here, and although it's closed and doesn't even look the sort of place I'd like to go, it's name just appealed to me. So, yesterday I took a photo:

Thinking I should use it on LJ somewhere, it strangely took quite a while to come up with the idea of having it as a userpic, but there it is now.

As a result, yesterday, I deleted most of my current userpics and started again (it was good to have a complete overhaul of them, although I did keep Henry).

However, going back over my recent posts, there have been a number about the local area around Old Kent Road, which I'd like to have a userpic for. I know exactly what it should be, but don't have one, so I'll pass this out as a request to blogosphere

If someone with a standard UK monopoly set could either scan or photo the Title Deed card for Old Kent Road and email it to me I would be very grateful.
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