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Rapper Tour of Newcastle-upon-Tyne (i.e. DERT 2009) - Saturday 14 March 2009

So this Saturday, Thrales are off to Newcastle to compete in DERT.

As part of the competition, we will be dancing in the following pubs (with approximate times):

  • Cumberland Arms - 11.00 am

  • Tanners - 12.23 pm

  • Eye of the Tyne - 2.20 pm

  • Egypt Cottage - 3.44 pm

  • The Ship - 5.07 pm

We've also got a second team (the Mudlarks) going around that day too, they will be dancing at:

  • Tanners - 11.00 am

  • Eye of the Tyne - 12.23 pm

  • Egypt Cottage - 2.20 pm

  • The Ship - 3.44 pm

  • Cumberland Arms - 5.07 am

It'll be interesting this year, given that the North-East is where the tradition originates from *gulps*

Insert luck here
Tags: dert, folk, plans, rapper, tournaments, tours & dance outs

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