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The Smallest Bath In The World

I tend to shower more often than bath, but when I've got time it's nice to relax in the latter.

When I moved down to Croydon I had been surprised to discover that the bath in my old flat was shorter than usual and it wasn't possible for me to sit in it with my legs straight.

Having had the luxury of the use of a full length bath for the past six months, I was still aware that in moving back to London I'd probably end up with another short one, but didn't really mind. I wasn't therefore surprised, when I looked around the new flat, to see that the bath looked shorter than usual.

I didn't, however, fully comprehend quite how short it is.

It appears physically impossible to get my knees lower than the top of the bath without resorting to kneeling.

I guess I fundamentally don't fit in that one then.

Luckily there's a shower, so I won't have to go around with dirty knees all the time.
Tags: everyday objects, home

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