Owen Barritt (hmmm_tea) wrote,
Owen Barritt

Confessions of an Ex-Commuter

Yesterday I

  • Went to work

  • Went home for lunch (mainly because I could and it was a novel as a big book of fiction)

  • Went back to work

  • Went home for dinner

  • Went to rapper practice

  • Went to the pub

  • Went home to bed

Entirely on foot! hehe!

I get the impression I'm going to like living here. I wonder how long I can get away without needing any other form of transport. I suspect Exeter might be a bit of a walk on Friday, so I guess it won't be that long.

Switch on the radio on Sunday evening a caught part of analysis, which was all about our inate need to travel. One of the key things it covered was how commuting didn't generally bring with it the level of satisfaction that would generally be associated with the improvement to living environment associated with it. Couldn't help nodding in agreement there.
Tags: commuting, moving, southwark & surrounding areas, travel

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