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The Never Ending Boxes...

And there was me thinking I'd be organised, pack most stuff over the weekend and be able to go out most evenings this week *laughs at own foolish thoughts*

Parts of the house are now feeling distinctly empty, but not as bad as when I moved out of the flat in Croydon six months ago (thethirdvoice's stuff is still here unpacked).

Have been very tired all week and packing doesn't seem to be helping. Must investigate the possibility of going to sleep for several months after all this is over...

*looks at boxes contemplatively*


You'll have to imagine there's a Blue Peter tortoise hibernating video clip here.

YouTube doesn't seem to have one *is shocked* or at least I can't find one

*curls up in box and goes to sleep*
Tags: langley, moving, nostalgia, south norwood, youtube

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