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Heartbeat Awareness and Emotions

Following on from the previous post about the Dana Centre talk on Emotional Contagion, one of the things that came up in the discussions connected with this was how your emotion state tends to be connected with your physical state. e.g. excitement is associated with increased heart rate, etc.

In this discussion the speaker mentioned a piece of research which suggested that people who can feel their own heartbeat tend to be more emotional.

Ok, interesting theory, but what got me more curious was the implication that there are people who can't feel their own heartbeat. Bizarreness on roller skates!

Guess that just means I must be more emotional then most of you then

*smiles*, *cries*, *giggles* and then *storms off in a huff*

Sounds like an excuse for a poll anyway:

Poll #1346869 Heartbeat Awareness

Under normal circumstances, at rest, can you feel your own heartbeat?

Tags: emotions, physiology, poll

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