Owen Barritt (hmmm_tea) wrote,
Owen Barritt

Rapper Tour of Haddenham

Thrales are off to Haddenham on Saturday (we've been invited to perform at the ceilidh there)

In Dave's own words:

Sons of Hester…Harken to my words….

On Saturday next, the 7 day of the second month, two thousand and nine in the common era, we shall set forth to the settlement of the old chieftain Hadda and there shall bedazzle the natives with our art and cunning stunts. Our reward will be the adoration of the maidens of the village, loyalty of the thains and one hundred sovereigns. I set out below our plan of campaign:

5pm Meet at [Dave's house - address removed]

6.45 Venture out to a house known thereabouts as the Kings Head (subject to confirmation…..)

(there is also the Rose and Thistle – we danced there on carpet before – a great pub but …. It is possible we could dance behind the bar…tho a bit small (keen landlord)

7.30 from thence to the Red Lion

8.00 and then to the flesh pit know as the Green Dragon

8.30 Leave for the journey to village hall

9.15 Perform our first act to denizens

… and then retire to the bar

10.30 or so…return to show our mettle…more somersaults…whole ceilidh beneath
Tags: ceilidh, dance, folk, rapper, tours & dance outs
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