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Of Being Human and the Portrayal of Owens in the Media

So, having gained some free time after completing H808 yesterday, I decided to explore what was on offer on iplayer. In the end I downloaded the first episode of Being Human as I had recollections of seeing it recommended somewhere (possibly on here somewhere?).

It was generally well done and I especially liked the thing about the cups of tea at the beginning.

Was bizarre when the ghost started talking to me in the middle though.

Not often you find programmes with characters with my name in them. When they do they never seem to use it for the interesting characters. This was no exception as it was the ex-husband who had it, who by the sounds of things probably pushed his fiancee down the stairs (seems to be a nice guy like that).

Perhaps I should start a campaign for a more interesting portrayal of an Owen in the media?

Would offer to let them follow me around with a camera to see what a real Owen is like, but I'm too modest for that sort of thing.
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