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Tweeting Loudly

So, having started doing the whole Twitter thing, having already played about with feeding both LJ and twitter into Facebook (into the notes and status respectively), I was interesting in having a play with Loud Twitter to feed twitter into LJ.

The only real problem I had with this, is that it can become a bit overwhelming when your friends page fills with tweets that you read on twitter anyway.

I know some people get round this by filtering the posts, so that only those who want to see the twitter posts do, but that seems to defeat the point of the tweets being public in the first place.

So, I thought I'd get round these issues by feeding it into a community instead hmmm_twea. Then my tweets can live their own lives there, undisturbed by those who don't want to read them/read them elsewhere, until such time as they're ready to break free of cyberspace and take over the world for me *evil cackle*.


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3rd Feb, 2009 02:49 (UTC)
Yay Twitter!

I love and adore both Twitter and Livejournal. I think they both have value, but for totally different reasons. For that reason, I loathe LoudTwitter. It is shenanigans, really. LJ posts aren't meant to be 140 characters, and tweets are meant to be Lj posts. The whole business is shenanigans, if you ask me.

They are two totally different platforms, with two totally different audiences. Loudtwitter = Fail.

Having said that, I do like the idea of feeding it into a community. Twitter still has a lot of naysayers who refuse to get on board, but sticking it in a community means that your LJ friends don't have to be subjected to tweets on the friendspage. Anyways, that is a rather brilliant solution. So kudos to you, friend.

Love, @owlex

3rd Feb, 2009 19:28 (UTC)
I confess to being puzzled why the people who want to read the Twitter stuff can't read it on Twitter itself. (I don't know Twitter well, mind.)
3rd Feb, 2009 19:53 (UTC)

It's all about what's most convenient for you. Twitter was designed to be easily integrated into other networks, whether or not it really should be. I get my updates on a twitter desktop application, rather than the site itself. Other people use thier phones, or FriendFeed, or what have you.

But there's a difference between where you want to READ your updates, and where you want to POST your updates. Spamming your friendspage with two-sentence updates isn't the way to bring together networks, it's just annoying.
3rd Feb, 2009 20:31 (UTC)
It's all about what's most convenient for you.

So are most blogging sites (micro or full post), that's the whole point of RSS, etc isn't it, so posts can be read by the reader wherever they want.

I've got plenty of non-lj posts in my friends page, because it's what's convenient to me for example.

However, I agree, what's convenient to you means choosing what you read.

Some people may prefer to read tweets on their lj or on facebook rather than joining twitter, but that shouldn't mean everyone should be forced to.

Personally, I was just more curious to find out how loudtwitter worked.
4th Feb, 2009 02:29 (UTC)
hmmm_twea? Clever!
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